in a minor & c minor 

By Doug Rausch   

4/4 [chorus time signatures mixed]   ♩= 145   


I couldn't get off the ground
When I had the window
And then I fell down 
And I found a new low

Part of me is gone
Gone forever
And now I burned out
How could there ever be a light

My heart... it's still beating
My heart... still bleeding

Did this to me
And now I can see
I was protecting myself
Is what I've become
I know the truth
Got no idea what to do

You're the reason that the world got out of hand
[But] you're the reason someone's taking a stand

I don't see a way out
Another day older
Too SPEECHLESS to shout
And it's never over

Got nothing to say
It's destined this way
I don't know how much
I don't know how much more I can take

My heart... still beating
My heart... it's still bleeding

Are so ignorant 
Where would I begin
Letting you in
When you never listen anyway

Would like you to see
What it's like to be
Someone that must give up on someone

I have every single reason to run
Still I stay because I am the only one

So now it's all gone
It blew out the window
I'm thru holding on
Where did the fight go

I got nothing left
Whatever was there
I can't get it back
And it's not my cross to bear

My heart... still beating
My heart...

Can do it to me
Can make me feel bad
Yet you don't entrust me with feelings
It's all about you
You haven't a clue
The damage that all your bullshit brings
Can trigger the past
Can make it all last
Can make me a prisoner in my mind


Wants to come in
But you can't let him
Cuz he'll make you forget who you are
Brings about pain
I ride the flame
Still I wish it would never be the same
Every time I try to bury the past
It just flares up so fast
There are some things that last
But I don't want them to

Don't you hate it oh how life is so unfair
Wake up there's people trying to care

(note: song ends on a Picardy third)